by Edward Ralph Maxey C.H. E.P.

Foods have the ability to clean the body of all its waste material and supply the proper elements for growth and energy and a healthy mental attitude. When the connective tissues cells of the body wear out, they simply take the material from the body blood stream to replace them. They do this very ready and well; provided they have good material. If the blood stream is loaded with nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, opiates, carbohydrate poisoning, protein poisoning, or un-eliminated waste products, then the degenerated cells cannot replace themselves as perfectly as they could if they had good materials with which to work. In other words, when you eat good foods you keep your body clean of waste material, your blood stream will be more purer, and worn out cells will be replaced with good strong health ones. Thus the owner of the body can go on to old age , enjoying good health.

Too many people make the mistake of overcooking their food. They will cook their vegetables in large quantities of water and for long periods of time until the entire essential mineral salts and vitamins are destroyed. Most vegetables should be cooked only from three to five minutes.

Note from website owner:

It is my firm belief that most foods are good as long as they are taken in moderation to their health benefits. The problem we have in America is that most people do not know what moderation is. Some people believe that eating three greasy hamburgers once a week as oppose to three greasy hamburgers in one sitting, once a month, is moderation. Moderation depends on the food you are eating and the health benefits you get from them. An apple a day is good but three greasy hamburgers a week is not, two none greasy hamburgers in one sitting, once a month, is moderation.

Some people also believe that canned vegetable are as good as raw vegetables and save time. Yes they do save time but as good as raw vegetables is not so. The essential mineral salts and vitamins are destroyed in canned vegetables. Fresh vegetables from the produce section of your grocery store or frozen vegetables are a much better choice.